Every room in our house is getting smarter, and the bathroom is no exception. Charmin wanted to create smart technology that would help people “enjoy the go” and improve the “go” experience. So we identified universal annoyances surrounding the restroom experience and found clever ways to solve them with emerging technology.

We worked with the Charmin GoLab to create three prototype products and debuted them at CES 2020: RollBot, a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth-enabled robot that will bring you a fresh roll of Charmin with the press of a smartphone button; SmellSense, an electronic sensor monitoring system that checks the stench of a bathroom and alerts you when it’s safe (or not safe) to enter; and V.I.Pee, a unique viewing experience that uses Oculus Rift S VR technology to make sure you don’t miss a minute of a concert when you have to use the bathroom.

All three futuristic products are meant to be humorous, but they’re still based on very real consumer needs and insights. There’s no denying that they solve common bathroom annoyances and make life easier.