Hello, I am a Swiss who grew up in Spain and has been working from London for over 12 years in digital production and advertising, with a wide range of international clients, either direct brands or through ad agencies. I am charismatic and I have very strong communication skills, I lead teams of designers and creatives both in pitches and production. I develop concepts from bottom up and define campaigns and strategies directly with the relevant brand and marketing teams. Building emotional and therefore captivating customer experiences is my passion and focus.

I have directed full campaigns and individual activations across digital, social, and experiential. Leading teams of designers and working closely with clients to deliver the best on brand customer experiences. I spend half my time crafting and presenting proposals with the latest in tech and innovation at heart, and the other half in production, delivering beautiful projects within short and intense timeframes.

I was the accounts creative director for Bentley Motors, leading the Centenary Event – the celebration of Bentley’s past, present and future – including the reveal of their new concept car –  from concept development inside a 6 month pitching phase, all the way through production and execution. I was working closely with the Bentley brand and design teams, and top management to dive deep into the brand’s identity and defining stories of innovation and craft.

As the most senior creative member across the UNIT9 Group, I supervise other creatives during their pitch ideation process and lead ideation workshops with clients to either refine their concepts or develop new ones. This role runs in parallel with being a Creative Director, so that I can support other creatives in their processes.